Firefly (2013)

Firefly is one of those classic figures whose original look was never done justice in the modern lines. The 25th anniversary versions had issues with the chest harness, and changed up the main weapon. The Pursuit of Cobra Firefly, while an interesting new take and a very detailed figure, obviously wasn’t meant to emulate the 1984 version.

Along comes Retaliation, and Firefly has a role in the film. Along comes another three pack, which gives us another great homage figure among the movie based designs. Last year, I was very impressed with the first two three packs, especially the Beachhead figure, which I thought was an effective melding of the old design with the most recent and improved modern construction. The same goes for Firefly.

First off, as a disappointed collector of the 25th anniversary line, I am most happy to see how well the chest harness fits. Al last, we have a Firefly whose grenades and pouches aren’t riding up around his ears. Though it’s made up mainly of reused parts from recent years, the parts are some of the best in recent memory. Adding in new details like removable explosives is just icing on the cake. Again, the recent modern molds have the Zartan-like ability to mimic pretty much any base figure needed.

He doesn’t include the familiar backpack, rifle and phone, though one can easily enough steal them from a previous figure and use them here. I’m not too broken up about them not being included, since this is meant to be a modern version of the character. Besides, who still carries a phone like that anyway? Doesn’t the military use tiny earpieces, helmet mics and such? And while the old rifle is iconic, it’s also getting up there in age compared to the modern weaponry included with the figures these day. But hey, I can’t really complain at all about this Firefly. The pictures tell the story for me.


  • Despite all the recent versions of Firefly, the comic pack version has remained as my default version of Firefly. Resolute, Rise of Cobra, Pursuit of Cobra, Renegades – all great figures, but just not quite right.
    Rest easy, comic pack Firefly, your replacement has arrived. This figure is just amazing.

  • Hands down the best “classic” version Firefly ever.

  • I can be a tough sell on some new stuff loving vint as I do, but my phone’s been on fire calling everywhere to find him! Gotta have this FF. Great review and pics.

  • Now this is a figure I ought to be on the lookout for–I just wish they didn’t have to jack up the prices so much. There’s got to be a way to lower costs without lowering wages….

  • I guess his phone has aged a bit since 1984. It is good to see him making an appearance in the film. It seems like the writers for Retaliation actually based the movie on Joe material and not half a dozen unsold scripts based on bad ideas.

  • Very cool. If you trick this guy out with his classic gear, he pretty much makes for a definitive Firefly.

  • Jeremy "Starduster"

    Very nice figure. I think this is an excellent update. Hey Joseph! I thought you were Clutch! I’m confused!!

  • Looks quite cool. Couple of nitpicks. Missing camo on his balaclava, which is deliberate because it is a seperate piece of clothing, but without the camo he looks a tad too ninja. Also, is that a shotgun? An infiltrator who prides himself on not getting noticed wouldn’t pack such a loud weapon.

  • Man, I wish you didn’t make that guy didn’t look so good, Rob. I’d been planning on passing on that three pack since I felt the other two figures were kind of lame, but now I’m REALLY tempted to bite on it just because that Firefly looks SO good.


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  • I reckon this was just an ‘ultimate’ version slated for the 30th stuff or along with the prototypes they showed at the recent Con of items ‘never made’. However, its a very cool version of the classic Saboteur…I think he looks even better with his original style classic equipment. If I had one I’d paint camo marks on the balaclava.

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