When movie action figure lines are released, they usually contain multiple versions of the main characters, usually each with a different action feature. I find it a bit strange that the first movie Firefly released is this one, but I can see the reasoning to get the more kid-friendly figure out first.

Features are what this figure is all about, notably the sled. If this were a Batman toyline, I think he might have been named Electric Luge Firefly. The street luge (I guess that’s what it is) makes for a pretty nice accessory. The figure fits in it well, and though it doesn’t quite interact in the way it should, with clear forearms meant to glow from the light produced through the vehicle’s handles, I can see the fun in it. Maybe it works better with the lights off.

Due to the feature, the figure doesn’t have all the usual modern arm articulation, and the clear green forearms may be off-putting to some. Heck, the color scheme may be too. I don’t mind it, as again it fits into the more expected toylike aspects of movie line figures. I also appreciate the color in this series so far. It’s a welcome change from the first movie’s black and blue palette.

Firefly seems to be more along the lines of the first wave of figures released last year. He bears some resemblance to what we’ve seen for the movie, even including an alternate unmasked head of the actor, but the overall look is obviously wildly different. He’s colorful, and broadly decorated, with a sort of tribal art patterning on his jacket. Looking at the jacket colors and patterns again, and the luge, I have to wonder if maybe there’s a scene in which Firefly competes in the X-Games. If you look close enough, there may even be a Mountain Dew logo somewhere on that jacket.

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