Fast Draw (1987)

Fast Draw is one of those Joe figures that make you wonder just how the idea came about. Granted, there have been many far-out almost science fiction elements in the line since the beginning. The JUMP jet pack stands out in my mind as one of those things that have been dreamed of, but will probably never be a practical technology. You know, like the flying car. By the way, it’s the 21st century; where’s my flying car? Anyway,the same goes for the concept of a human missile platform. Sounds good on paper, but when you really think about it, the luster wears off.

At least some thought was put into whether the poor guy would be incinerated when he fired his missiles, as his uniform is well protected with fireproof coverings on the chest and legs, although his arms are strangely less well protected from the heat.

The wearer’s ability to remain upright (when firing as well as when walking around–that thing’s gotta weigh hundreds of pounds!) is another practicality issue. He would seem to be at risk of going ass over teakettle when the missiles go off. What’s that old saying about equal and opposite reactions?

The overall look is less than appealing to me. I’m a sucker for bright colors as well as realism, but guy’s color palette just doesn’t come together. I think that a bolder color choice would have piqued my interest. Hmm, sounds like a good custom idea.


  • I think the red was too much, but I liked the character.At least for another obligatory anti-tank guy they didn’t just give us another mustachioed guy with a tube launcher. In Brazil he was released under their Battle Force 2000 team, which is a good fit.

    His gear was awkward, the easily lost triggers and the helmet hose (not pictured, did you lose it?). Plus, two shots and he was done! All Cobra has to have is more than 2 vehicles and they win!

  • Fast Draw was always fun. In his comic debut, he is introduced to Hawk, who replies coldly “I don’t shake hands with kidnappers.” I don’t remember Fast Draw talking very much in that issue after that. I couldn’t picture him firing those rockets without losing his arms in the process or falling backwards while doing so. Also, a well-placed Cobra sniper would have made short work of the guy. His entire motif made him look so vulnerable that I found him endearing. I’ve owned several Fast Draws over the years (from buying and selling off stuff) and the ones I have now I got loose because he is turning out to be a difficult find MOC in recent years. Never can remember where the blue hose should be plugged opposite his helmet, but I do like his visor a lot.

  • Don’t know what it is about this guy, but I love him. The look is cool, the accessories are cool, and he must be cool to turn himself into an anti tank missile launcher, and stand out in the middle of the battlefield facing down a column of HISS tanks!
    He should have come with extra missiles so he can reload after he fires his two.

  • My brother had this figur in 1987, the light blue hose was cool, but delicate! It connectsthe helmet to a spot on the backpack. I think this is a good figure overall, which needs just a couple changes to make him great. 1. The colors dont quite come together, maybe a green helmet would help. 2. I dont like the shoulder pads pointing up.
    As for the rockets heat and recoil he should be ok there. There are many shoulder fired rockets whose heat and recoil dont kill the operator or knock him down. Just DONT Stand behind them!
    The wieght of the backpack might be a serious problem though… But anti armor rockets are best employed in ambush attacks

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