Elite Horseman (2015)

Elite Horseman (2015)We’re down to the final figure in the Desert Duel set, and we saved the best for last. Okay, maybe not. However, I do find myself being more impressed with this figure than I initially thought. The Elite Horseman comes to us as the driver of the new Cobra Basilisk. All right, so the Basilisk is not really new. More on that subject tomorrow. Back to the figure, the file card describes the Elite Horseman as “part of an elite private army hired by Cobra.” Wait a minute, that sounds a little familiar. Oh yeah, we’ve got another re-purposed bio here. From the Crimson Horseman file card: “Crimson Horsemen are part of the Crimson Guard, an elite private army lead by the powerful weapons manufacturer Destro.” Huh? Man, I never noticed that on the other Horseman’s file card. Since when did Destro lead the Crimson Guard? Was I asleep for the whole Pursuit of Cobra thing?

Continuity flubs aside, the Horsemen were at least a new Cobra troop type, and quite distinctive looking as well. They make for a serviceable driver figure, which is fitting since they originally helmed HISS tanks. I’ve long thought of the original HISS driver in the same way: unique looking, but not too exciting for me beyond sitting in his vehicle. The Elite Horseman stands a notch higher to me though thanks to his paint scheme. This must be one of the most fashionably coordinated drivers in Cobra history. The guy’s blue and silver uniform snazzily matches his ride. The uniform’s blue paint has a satin finish to it that makes for a striking look. I can’t recall seeing this type of finish on a figure before. Even the little red bombs complement the details on the Basilisk. Very slick. The only odd element to this figure (and its predecessor) is the vest. It seems too short. Maybe that’s down to the fact it comes from a figure with a shorter torso, but it just looks strange to me. He looks like he’d be constantly trying to pull it down toward his belt a bit. Kind of like Captain Picard did whenever he’d stand up from his command chair. Wow, I’m such a nerd.

Come back tomorrow as we start taking a look at the vehicles from the set. By the way, what do you think of this format? I think it’s a fun change, and I certainly wouldn’t have covered the figures in as much depth had I taken a shot at the whole package at once.

Elite Horseman (2015)


  • I’ve enjoyed this series!

  • His colours are nice. Overall its a good figure. Even if his bio is a little confusing.

  • I like the design and character (the original HISS driver is a necessity, but I’m really not fond of any of his figures). But this high-rise vest drives me crazy! Would the alien Firefly vest fit better? And the finish on this guy and the Basilisk is okay, but the AWE and HISS have it too and I’m hoping Hasbro doesn’t go crazy with the effect.

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