Dreadnok Torch (2005)

Torch is one of my faves of the new sculpt era. There’s so much to like about this figure. It’s another example of taking an existing design and tweaking it for a new generation. Let’s be honest, as iconic as the Dreadnoks are, that old biker look is darn goofy these days. I like to see each iteration of Joe interpret classics into its own particular style. The modern spin thing is something I feel the 25th anniversary series didn’t do enough of, but the PoC and 30th rectified.

I love the new flamethrower with detachable flames. And three paint apps on an accessory in the backpack. Wow! The figure itself is also full of great little paint detail touches, like the crisply painted tattoos on both arms, and the flamed-out jeans.

Torch was also one of the later figures to feature the hidden shoulder and elbow pins, a great aesthetic improvement. The new construction would later be put to use in the modern line. So you see, something good did come out of the 2000’s Joe relaunch.


  • Don’t let Buzzer or Ripper hear (read) you say that about their look!

  • Actually this torch is sporting the GI Joe Sigma look that he had in the cartoon

  • Those new shoulder and elbow joints would have made me a fan of the new sculpt stuff if Hasbro had come up with it right after they retired the o-ring. But the early 00’s wasn’t a good decade for articulation: Hasbro’s Star Wars line was going through its worst period since the ’95 relaunch. (Awkward joint cuts and pre-posed, wide-legged stances.) Torch here scores points for his updated look, though. I much prefer this getup to the ’85 original’s shirtless vest. He might even pass for one of Slaughter’s Renegades.

  • This is one of the very few New Sculpt era figures that I still like.

  • Since Torch and Ripper got newsculpt updates, it’s a shame Buzzer didn’t get the same treatment.

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