Dreadnok Thunder AKA Thrasher (2011)

The original Thrasher is one of those figures who is pretty good from the neck down. I don’t know if its the hairdo or the actual head size that contributes to his melon-headedness. On top of the huge noggin, he just had too much of a friendly look on his face. Maybe that was meant to reflect his spoiled rotten background. Whatever the case, he didn’t project an air of menace with that silly grin. You could say that the hair was an homage to Mad Max’s the Toecutter, but the sculpting left it looking like a hairstyle my aunt used to wear in the 60’s.

The original’s design transfers well into the modern aesthetic, and becomes incredibly effective. The updated style of sculpting, articulation, paint apps and added accessories suit the look in a way that the o-ring style couldn’t.

First off, the sculpt is much leaner. This guy really looks ready to scrap. The old version seemed too bulky. I can really believe now that he may have been a lacrosse player at some point. Speaking of lacrosse, the weapon now looks much nastier, especially with the haphazard straps painted in a separate color.

I’ve said it before: the addition of removable web gear is my favorite element of the modern style. As much as I miss the o-ring style, I do love the flexibility that the torso joint and removable gear gives the figure designers. Lately we’ve gotten so many effective figures that don’t have the obvious Frankensteined look of the old style’s kitbashes. The simple chest pad and half shirt are a great fit for the chest and arms. Hasbro keeps getting better at this kind of thing. Hopefully it continues into the new movie line. My only gripe: I do miss the original figure’s distinctive waist padding.

Like the other figures in the Dreadnok set, the head is the crowning element of the figure. The greaser pompadour and sideburns are now excellently rendered, and the face has the appropriate careless expression. As another plus, I can now make the Andy Kauffman as Elvis custom I’ve been planning.

Dreadnok Thunder (you know he’s really Thrasher of course) is available along with six other figures in the Dreadnok battle pack at BigBadToyStore. A GI Joe set, Slaughters’ Marauders, is also available.


  • Thrasher here is one of the best improvements that any vintage figure has received in the modern era. Everything from the head sculpt to his weapon looks ten times better than the original. He’s got character now, as opposed to the goofy grin displayed on his oversized noggin.

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