Dreadnok Ripper (2004)

Remember when Ripper traded in his trademark can opener rifle and jaws of life for a missile launcher?

The 2000’s series, made a valiant effort to produce 12 inch versions of both classic and new Joes and Cobras. Ripper had been in the 3 & 3/4 GI Joe vs. Cobra series, and though he had changed up his attire, looked no less a Dreadnok. His early 80’s style had given way to a more basic biker, and dare I say it, redneck look. The mohawk and belly shirt gave way to a do rag and ballcap with tank top combo.

His 12 inch figure brings along much of the new look, and adds the aforementioned missile launcher. He doesn’t feature the articulated hands that some figure of the era were given, which hinders his ability to hold both the missile launcher and his machete.  The removable sunglasses and hat (with modern Dreadnok logo) are excellent details. I’m also really amazed that the sunglasses stay on well.

Though Dreadnoks usually wear jeans, Ripper must have found some pants from the Adventures of GI Joe 2010 clearance rack and decided he liked them. He also complemented them with some very chunky boots borrowed from the Action Man series. They make for a strange cartoonish look, and they’re a bit big for his feet.

Even without the signature accessories, it’s pretty obvious who we’re looking at here. The head sculpt is full of personality, with its muttonchops and do rag. If he had longer hair, dropped the rag and added a few moles on his face, he could have been a good likeness for Motorhead frontman Lemmy.


  • Whaddaya know, the first 12″ Dreadnok.

  • Chazz: Who’d win in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?
    Chris Moore: Lemmy.
    [Rex imitates a game show buzzer]
    Chris Moore: … God?
    Rex: Wrong, dickhead, trick question. Lemmy *IS* God.

  • Facial hair seems more reminiscent of Torch.

    They pumped out quite a few 12″ figures during the “new sculpt” era and even a few more during 25th anniversary. Though, some were cancelled, like the Electric Eel.

  • Being an even bigger thrash metal enthusiast, than Joe fan, I could never understand the appeal of Motorhead. Every song of their’s sounds the same to me.Of course, people say the same thing about AC/DC and Slayer….

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