Dr. Link Talbot (2004)

The first time I wrote about Link Talbot, the team’s first combat veterinarian, I couldn’t find his first figure version in my big ole box o’ Joes, so I grabbed the second. Wait, I hear you say–second figure? That’s right, Link Talbot has garnered two figures in the history of GI Joe. Hard to accept? Maybe. I mean, even Super Trooper and Crystal Ball only got one chance at stardom. Why did this guy get two shots? Because he tied into the Valor vs. Venom storyline, the most heavily promoted and prolific series of the relaunch era. He even had a big role in the direct to DVD movie.

There’s something likeable about Link, despite his somewhat shoehorned presence for two years in the line, and his decidedly casual outfit. I must admit that this first version is much more appealing than his second go-round. I still am at a loss to explain the elbow pads that just seem to magically attach directly to the skin. Regardless, there’s a refreshing and fun quality to a figure that doesn’t adhere to a strict military look.

Rather than the paintball gun that figured so prominently during the conclusion of the Valor vs Venom movie (someday I’ll have to cover that fine bit of entertainment) Link is carrying the familiar ’85 Eel harpoon. This works in a pinch, I suppose, and somewhat speaks to his vet background. I guess it’s needed for administering long range parvo and heartworm shots when Junkyard, Max or Lamont just aren’t cooperating. But I kid Link. I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with the guy. After all, he’s a Navy SEAL and a Kung Fu champion. Just read his shirt.


  • For some reason, his name reminds me of Zelda

  • A veterinarian could be useful in GIJoe, though outside the VvV story I’d prefer Link be a medic with secondary MOS as vet. There’s be less “why do we have a vet standing around?” and more “Can you help Junkyard, too?” The figure is super padded, but sleeveless, so I’m not sure what they were going for. Probably a stereotype. The kung fu shirt is just… left field.

  • As I wrote, Il like the character!

  • Wait, I don’t think I noticed he was Navy before. That changes my favorite pointless observation: Joes are from the Army unless their specialty dictates otherwise, with the singular exception of Mainframe, who served with the Marines, even though being a computer expert doesn’t require it. So now there’s two.

  • All I have to say about him is that a friend once misread the filename “drlinktalbot” as “drdrinkalot” and this guy will therefore never not be Dr Drinkalot to me.

  • Every elite special forces unit needs a combat veterinarian… no, wait a minute…

    Still a nice enough figure. I’ve attached him to the Anti-Venom Task Force to deal with threats like venomised troopers, Mega Monsters and zombies.

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