Dial-Tone (2014)

Dial-Tone (2014)

Usually with these Kreons, the printed graphics are what give the biggest impression of the original figure’s design. With Dial-Tone however, his gear, particularly his comm backpack is so ingrained with the figure’s identity that any new iteration has to make some sort of callback to it. I wondered how the unique communications backpack would be rendered in brick form. What we get is a nicely simplistic mini build that captures the essence of the original. Having bought the Dungeon & Dragons sets, I had a feeling that the tiny fang/horn piece used in weapons and helmets for that line would make an appearance as Mr. Morelli’s mic. Detail is called out via printed graphics, and the end result is just as fun an homage as the figure itself. It’s too bad more figures didn’t get the same sort of attention.

Is this one of the only Kreons with hair painted all around the head? I’ve noticed that others, like Duke for instance, though they have helmets, don’t have much in the way of painted hair. It simply covers the front of the head. I guess the separate hair piece that’s so common among Lego minifigs isn’t a priority for the helmeted Kre-O style figures.

As much fun as it is to see so many 80s classics rendered in this playful format, a little more focus for other eras would be nice too, beyond the nods to Adventure Team subjects, of course. I suppose it’s to be expected that the Kre-o line would continue to focus heavily on the 82-86 years. I hope that if the series continues past the fifth assortment that the late 80s and 90s get a little more attention as well.

Dial-Tone (2014)


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