Dhalsim (1993)

Yoga fire!

Dhalsim is certainly unique among GI Joe figures, and yes this is a GI Joe figure, at least in terms of official branding. Just check out the smallish logo on the packaging. I was all-in for the StreetFighter figures, particularly the characters made up of entirely new parts. While others like Ryu and Ken were disappointing, others were pretty nice representations of their digital counterparts.

Dhalsim’s power in the game included lengthening his limbs as part of his attacks. The figure reflects some of it by being slightly elongated in comparison to the usual GI Joe buck. Dhalsim is one of the more successful figures in the series, and remains a favorite of mine. He’s loaded with character, from his head sculpt to his arm/leg bands to his shorts. The Joe line just hasn’t been given much opportunity to put figures in shorts, and in this case, they did a very nice job.


  • I LOVE this figure and am super happy I have him. I used him pretty extensively in the photos for my Vega review this week, as well. Though I guess I’m a dummy because I never really noticed the proportions!

    I also want to track down the movie edition, just for thee labcoat. Battle Corps Dr. Mindbender needs it.

  • This is one figure I can kind of move over to Cobra. I liked his character. So, that was nice. The movie edition has the awesome lab coat, too.

  • The spring action feature design keeps it from greatness. Had it been made in back-screw style, it would be better, but that goes for all the figures like that.

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