Destro’s Vines (2008)

The Revenge of Cobra was filled with new and entertaining GI Joe characters. Among my favorite Joe additions like Flint, Lady Jaye and Shipwreck were a number of Cobras. Chief among the new baddies was an intriguing antagonist that confounded the Joes upon their first meeting. As a kid having watched the mini-series over and over, this same character was one that I’d wanted to see in action figure form. I’m speaking of course about Destro’s deadly creeper vines.

My wishes were answered when the first DVD battle pack was released in 2008. Included with Roadblock in a recreation of his run-in with Destro’s homicidal salad bowl, it is a funtastic accessory. The vines can entrap any figure, from Cobra Commander, to Zartan, Roadblock and Flint. Unlike its cartoon counterpart, these vines will not dry up due to lack of water.

I have to say that Destro showed some supernatural levels of preparedness when he seeded the exact area that the Joes’ Skystrikers would fly through. Too bad he didn’t also predict the McGyverish levels of ingenuity and knowledge of engineering, mechanics and aerodynamics displayed by a heavy machine gunner, warrant officer and dog handler in their escape from the vines in the aptly named Pit of Chaos.

My hope now is that Hasbro will see fit to release a version of the vines done in the modern Pursuit of Cobra/30th anniversary style. Imagine the added detail! Maybe they can also add in a rootstock swivel or some mid-trunk articulation.


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