Destro (2002)

When you think of Destro, the image of the stoic silver mask and red collared black jacket probably are the first things that come to mind. You may also think of wrist rockets, and maybe a cool backpack case filled with weaponry. How would you feel about a Destro figure if most of those iconic elements were reinterpreted?

Although the 2002 relaunch had its share of controversy among collectors, I have always given it credit just for at least trying something a little different in terms of the GI Joe line’s look. Destro has a more sci-fi bent than his previous incarnations. The grimacing mask has always reminded me of a Terminator skull, but the oddest bit about Destro’s mask–the exposed ears. What’s going on here? Whatever the case, this is a techno Destro, with some comic book super-villain style mixed in.

This Destro, like the other first wave figures, was never refitted with an o-ring. I find that a shame, as there are some intriguing figures in that initial assortment that I think would get more use in my collection had they utilized the standard articulation. As it stands,
there’s a certain charm to the first series of the relaunch era’s figures.

When things went back to the o-ring shortly after the debut figures were released, I give Hasbro further credit for sticking to their guns when it came to reinterpreting the characters we’d come to know through the years. Destro wasn’t immediately redesigned to look like his 1983 self, in fact, over the next few years, Destro would get more redesigns, both of which were even more interesting departures from the norm.


  • I actually liked the head sculpt when this one came out. When i was a kid,The only Destro i had was the 1992 version…the one that came with the disc/beyblade thingy and i used to wonder how he heard anyone with metel covering his ears.

    I also used to have the armour tech version for whatever thats worth. It had a T-crotch too

  • This guy looks more like Metal Face from Tonka’s Road Warrior-ish 80’s line than everyone’s friendly neighborhood Scottish arms dealer. Or maybe one of the modern style Corps! villains given the t-crotch usage.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This could be a great figure if it were meant to be someone new and not Destro.

  • I know when I got this mold (I had the one with the Dominator because I loved that vehicle as a kid but it was in rough shape since at least one of the clips that held up the tank treads during flight mode snapped off after a transformation) I was also fascinated with the DDP comic run and usually used him as Alexander Destro (with my 1989 Destro remaining in prominence until the VvV one). It’s an interesting take, and I do kind of regret that he didn’t get the O-ring treatment like some did after the fact.

  • It’s hard to believe it’s been 11 1/2 years since this guy was released. While the new sculpts did divide the community, they didn’t seem to cause the hard split that the Anniversary figures brought about.

    This isn’t a great figure. But, try to track down the repainted version. Nobody cares about it. But, it’s actually really tough to find these days.

  • In my Joeverse he’s Alexander, Destro’son.

  • His face looks like that Rise of Cobra Cobra Commander-(chase figure) the one with the red package that said “Cobra” instead of G.I.Joe.

  • I saw a 4″ custom of the Sigma Six Dark Ninja Master that used this head. It worked well for that character. As Destro, not so much.

  • Uniform design wasn’t too bad, but the head was too much. Destro was usually a more calm, collected villain. Here he’s raging out. This was the first Destro to actual have Cobra insignia on him, too. He also has a new Destro logo that was only used on him and the Dominator reissue. And the lack of o-ring was most disappointing of all.

  • I got such a great use of that head. I used it as the Red Shadows villain Red Jackal, who in the old Action Force toyline was just a Destro but with his pimpcollar in silver, and his exposed chest as a red shirt with the Red Shadows logo. His backstory was that he was greatly injured and his face and hands were replaced by cybernetics. That “skintight”, scowling robotic Destro face did the job for that so incredibly well!
    As for Destro, probably for the best he wasn’t refitted with an O-Ring… because the Spy Troops Destro is probably one of the best figure made in those years!

  • This is, in my opinion, the worst Destro. (Certainly the worst one I own.)

    At the very least, the ridiculous mask with the exposed ears, bulging eyes, pug nose, and gritted teeth make this Destro the *silliest* version. Destro was always cool, calculating, and mercenary; this version comes off as just too emotional–or at least, he shouldn’t have a mask that makes him look that way. I’m not crazy about those hypermorphic shoulders and wasp-waist, either.

    He looks like he’s groaning gutteraly, and straining every muscle in his body. Constipated Destro.

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