• OMG, the Defiant AND Computron!!! I want them now! These ads still work!

  • ” We will never be the same, without this toy store .Offering both the G.I. Joe Defiant at Christmastime, and Transformers.So Long TRU. You will never be forgotten from the children of the 70’s and the 80’s.”

  • Battle Beast shark transport was a fun set.

    Air Raiders, great designs, terrible scale that fit in with nothing.

  • $119 for a Defiant!!!

  • It was 1991, on a rare trip to “the cities”, I got the Septic Tank at a TRU. Then stopped at another TRU and found they had one lonely left over 4 year old Defiant on clearance for $69.90 and that’s how I got my Defiant.

  • What an ad from the heyday! I want to believe an investor will purchase some or all of TRU and keep them running (how about “Toys 4 Us”?), but the sales model will need to change. They need to diversify to sell something that pays the rent so they can afford to keep toys on the shelves. Even better, drop the prices to actually compete with Walmart & online retailers.

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