Deep Six (2008)

Can Deep Six catch a break? His first figure, while iconic, wasn’t much usable outside of his vehicle. His second, a very well done throwback to the deep sea diving suits of old, was stuck with a visorless bright orange helmet. This version was a noble attempt, but it doesn’t well represent the team’s greatest diver as it should.

Part of the Toys R Us exclusive sea team three pack, he’s a mixture of several parts that blend into a kind of homage to his second version figure. I suppose that was the intention. Maybe. If you squint.

The modern style of construction does lend itself more easily to customization, thanks in part to the addition of removable gear like harnesses, belts, vests and such. Most of the time, when parts are switched among molds, the effect comes across convincingly. It’s when specific parts have to stand in for something they only partly resemble, that the wheels start to fall off. Case in point, Deep Six’s harness and helmet. It’s been taken from an Ace figure, and while I can understand the attempt, with the clear domed helmet, it still reads as an aircraft pilot and not a diver accessory.

The parts combo reminds me more of the molds that were repurposed for Star Brigade in the 90’s. General Hawk’s jetpack flight suit stood in for a space suit, and either of those are what I see here more than a diver. The boots especially reinforce the look, as both Duke and Space Shot wore similar padded footwear.

I think the character would have been better served with a new interpretation of his well known  look outside of a diving suit, similar to his first Marvel comic appearance. That look also would have been easier to achieve with existing parts.


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