• The colors aren’t too bad as an ensemble (i.e. there are worse, more clashing colors. The fuchsia with black as a secondary color and the big colored visor and sky blue grenades make for a nice accent) for a toy, though for GI Joe, it is pretty absurd. I love the sky blue grenades. That might actually be kinda cool- enemies that can’t distinguish incoming grenades from the sky backdrop. One has to wonder, were these Cobra uniforms that were once red and were washed and washed and washed and washed and faded like this? Or is this what Cobra initiates are forced to wear? Or maybe its camouflage for a pastel landscape? I’m sure there are flower fields of certain types they would be perfectly blended into.

    This weather had be thinking of Sub-Zero and the other Arctic Commandos (got to -18 by me, wind chill somewhere in the -30s). This is 1980s GI Joe winters cold. In my area, Christmas Eve & Christmas 1983 comprised a block in a nearly 100 hour subzero stretch, the longest cold stretch in the area’s history (I have imagined how cold it must’ve been as GI Joe, He-Man, and Star Wars figures from 1983 were being opened up across the area. Any Snow Jobs or Polar Battle Bears would *not* have been played with outside, not unless they wanted to acquire the non-Joe version of frostbite). And some of the coldest days in recorded history were in January 1984 & 1985.

  • The more I look at this guy, the more I like him. He’s colored like a toy. Sure you wouldn’t go into battle dressed in those colors, but you wouldn’t be using that kind of helmet or gun, either…or being led by a guy with a chrome face. If this guy were colored in the same scheme as, say, the ROC Elite Viper (who I also like) then he would be nothing. Unremarkable. But that bright magenta…I’ll never forget it!

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