Countdown (1994)

I thought Star Brigade was a neat concept–combat astronauts. Joe has had a long history with the US space program, and the Real American Hero era had its share of space adventuring before things went all-out sci-fi in 1993. Though the figures were a mix of spacesuit-adjacent molds, at least Countdown made it into the mix.

Countdown was one of the better recolors in the 1994 carry-overs. The grey, green and blue combo looks nice, and he makes a good match for the same year’s Astro-Duke figure. It would have been nice to get Countdown’s full accessory complement, but that just wasn’t Hasbro’s model at the time. Weapon trees were the way to go.

The late line weapon choices are often odd, but here the big-ass rifle and missile launcher look good from a space battle perspective. The more Earthly rifle is a cool mold, but I really don’t know what use a knife is in a space fight. Maybe he can slice open Astro-Vipers’ spacesuits. Now that would be a grim way to go out. Are the Joes capable of being so brutal?


  • This is one of my favorite repaints of Star Brigade. He’s not easy to find and has gotten tougher in recent years. The 1989 accessories work for him, too.

  • Such a cool figure. From a toy stand point, all the space stuff was cool. robots and giant lasers and shooting guns and battle armor! Back then Star brigade got the short end the the stick.

    All the naysayers decried the designs and gi joe in space was unfathomable to them. Those same people play call of duty Advanced warfare and Ghosts. How time can make hypocrites out of people lol!

  • This guy wasn’t on my radar at all. Never cared much about the original or V2, but this version’s colors seem pretty great. Might have to track him down now.

  • Mold would’ve been better without the chest holster.

    It’s interesting all 3 versions kept Countdown distinct complexion.

  • I like this guy, but I only have the original, sans weapons. I gave the helmet to my o-ring Dragonsky of the Oktober Guard, and it suits him well.

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