Communications Officer (Code Name: Breaker)

Simplicity of design is one of the great strengths of the 1980s Joe line’s first year. We’ve seen already that even with an economy of parts, Hasbro was able to create a varied group of characters. Despite the fact that several figures shared head molds, the toys still read as individuals. Simple changes in uniform color, hair color, and accessories kept the team from looking like thirteen carbon copies. Breaker’s rolled-up sleeves I think fit his technical role, and his silver cargo pockets, though odd, enhance the look as well.

As support specialty characters go, Breaker is useful in a variety of roles. Although he’s the comms expert, he can also function as a Early issues of the Marvel comics put him squarely in the role of the team’s all-around technical expert. The clean-shaven portrayal of the character was also quite popular with the ladies in those early days. Maybe the constant gum chewing and bubble blowing was considered cute back then.

Breaker is yet another original team member whose specialty was updated with a different character, and was therefore not given a late 80s or 90s update. It’s a shame we didn’t get a comic pack o-ring version with a bubblegum bubble attachment, although the 25th Anniversary offering did include this all-important accessory.

One of Breaker’s most well-remembered roles was that of the operator of the RAM on its packaging. Strangely enough, he’s beardless on this package as well. Very odd. Despite the facial follicle foibles, Breaker was so well associated with this ride that Hasbro put him behind the handlebars of the 25th anniversary remake of the beloved cycle.


  • ”Breaker has the unique ability of causing trouble for Cobra, while at the same time making sure he can be there for his G.I. Joe teammates in a jam.”

  • Communications Officer who is actually an E-4 specialist.

    Needed a gun. That would have to wait until the accessory pack was made.

    Actually that probably saved mine original’s thumbs for a while. He was given a soft Sgt Rock M-16 or something until better weapons were available.

  • Any figure that didnt come with a gun was an instant pass. Even a pistol would have made breaker an instant buy. And his uniform was actually pretty cool looking. he had cool techy gear for the time. And his role in the sunbow toon was pretty prominent. Being the first version i was familiar with, I think the grey outfit was cooler than the green.

    I never realized that the never got a 2nd chance in the vintage line, like grand slam and short fuze. Then again, most of the og13 were relegated to the first year. Only stalker, snake eyes and hawk went on to have multiple outfits. Zap did get a cool 2nd outfit. Scarlet and grunt…..not so much lol.

  • Breaker’s gear was an early bonus to GIJoe’s action figure articulation supremacy. None of my Star Wars/ESB figures had removable helmets, much less a headset and backpack! I was always interested in communications, so Breaker is a go-to for me (sorry Dialtone).

  • By the summer of 1982, I had enjoyed some second-hand, well-worn Adventure Team ‘Fuzzhead’ Joes, and the short=lived Super Joes. I can remember walking through the toy department of Hills Department Store and seeing these guys on the rack. I picked out two that day: Grunt and Breaker. Grunt looked like the most basic soldier. He had a helmet, a nice little backpack, and an M-16 rifle. That was a good selection of accessories. Breaker, on the other hand, looked like the old Joes I bought from the kid down the street. He WAS GI Joe! There was no doubt about it – he had the beard, man! Eventually the headset wire broke off, but it was still cool to have the mike attached to the helmet.

    Years later, I sent a Breaker head to be ‘reflocked’ by one of those Joe Restoration services. Looks pretty sweet. Makes a cool AT custom.

    Love this Original 13 review!

  • Breaker was my first Joe. I got the RAM for my birthday, but no figures. Next day, a kid who was sick dropped by with my present: a Breaker. He rode the RAM from then on. I made a pistol for him from a coupler from my dad’s HO Scale Trains.

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