Comic Pack Iron Grenadiers Destro

By KansasBrawler

I’ve always been a fan of the Iron Grenadiers Destro look. It’s regal yet combat ready at the same time. So when I learned that one of Hasbro’s comic packs was going to be an Iron Grenadiers Destro and an Iron Grenadier, I was pretty happy. Yes, I’d already bought the single pack release of Iron Grenadiers Destro, but really, I like the look so much, I don’t mind having a few different versions of it. Plus, I’ve really started to like a couple of changes they made, so it’s a solid addition to my collection.

Head to toe, this is the same figure that got released on its own card a few months before this comic pack’s release. I’ll admit, that’s my only problem with the figure. I don’t mind the occasional straight-up rerelease of a figure I like, but it bugs me a little when they’re released so closely together. It feels more like a cash grab than anything. Regardless of my issues with how close together this version and the vintage-accurate version were released, I have to say that Iron Grenadier Destro is still a great figure. The detailing is excellent and it really looks great.

Comic Pack Iron Grenadiers DestroThe only difference between this version and the carded version is the color scheme. Like a lot of comic pack figures, Hasbro’s paint team decided to go with a desaturated color scheme for Destro. Originally, I wasn’t a terribly big fan of this look, but it’s kind of started to grow on me a little. The figure’s base color is a bluish gray however unlike the classic Iron Grenadiers Destro, this figure isn’t all one shade of bluish gray. Destro’s boots, gloves and shoulder pieces are a slightly different shade blue. I’d initially chalked it up to a slight color mismatch, but I think it’s actually intentional and that does help keep the figure from being overwhelmingly blue. The blue, as a lighter color, also allows the mold’s details to stand out a little better even though they’re not painted. I appreciate finally being able to see the details on this mold at a quick glance since they’re not lost in a sea of black. There is a little bit of black on this figure, but it’s used mostly for the details. The rivets at the top of his boots are black and the black is actually applied a bit better than the silver that was used there on the original figure. Black is also used for his sword belt, the insignia on his chest and his three spikes. Destro’s ascot is still red on this version, though I do wish it was a bit redder, much like I did on the original release of this figure. The reddish orange looks just a little off next to the vibrant red cape. Destro’s head is also still a vac metal gold, but this time, the eyes are actually painted. The eyes are a nice red and while I don’t recall red being a standard eye color for Destro, it does work pretty well here and I like seeing something a little different from the usual glowing green eyes for Destro. I still think the classic Iron Grenadiers Destro color scheme is the way to go, but I don’t see this version as nearly as inferior as I did when I initially bought him. He’s no longer the cost of doing business to get the Iron Grenadier figure but an alternate color Destro that does better show off the original mold’s detailing.

Comic Pack Iron Grenadiers DestroDestro’s gear is all the same as the carded release but once again, there are some color shifts that I think make them work just a little bit better. Destro still has his saber and his revolver, but neither piece is molded out of gold plastic, which really makes them look a lot better. The revolver looks good in black and the saber’s hilt is silver and the blade is gold. The gold blade reminds me of the 25th Anniversary Ninja-Ku Storm Shadow and that’s a little bit of a problem. Gold’s a pretty soft metal and I think making a sword blade out of gold is a great recipe for a broken sword. Logistical issues of a gold-bladed sword aside though, at least this time the gold is painted on so it doesn’t look nearly as plastic-y.

This Field Report is awfully short because there’s not a whole lot to say about this figure. I have at least found a few positives to having it in my collection, but it is just a lighter colored version of a figure I really like. There’s not much more that can be said about it.

Comic Pack Iron Grenadiers Destro Comic Pack Iron Grenadiers Destro Comic Pack Iron Grenadiers Destro


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    It’s not a bad looking figure, but I’m not into the red eyes or the bluish gray outfit. I definitely would’ve liked the traditional Iron Grenadiers black for this Destro.

  • Don’t mind it other than the head being way too small, especially since thats a steel mask/helmet he’s got on. Take that off and he’d look like the shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice 😉

  • For Destro, I’d assume the golden sword is more for decoration than use. Something to rally the troops with. As an arms dealer, I’m sure he’s familiar with the old “You don’t bring a knife (or in this case a sword) to a gunfight.”

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