Cobra Trooper (Hostile Environment Specialist)

Released in 2008 as part of the internet exclusive Cobra Desert Assault Squad Extreme Conditions Pack (what a mouthful!) this figure is a mash-up of Joe and Cobra parts. Those two sets, which also included an arctic assault pack, were not wildly popular. I guess it could be attributed to the special environments. If these had been done as generic troopers, or even as other specialties, like jungle or urban, they would have sold much better. As it is, you can still find them discounted at many online retailers.

The only Cobra part here is the trooper’s head. Most of the body comes from the 25th anniversary Flash mold, and the lower legs are Tripwire’s. The helmet is based on the Marvel comic version of the Cobra gas mask trooper. Of course it works well here, but the rest of the mold just doesn’t work for me as a hostile environment trooper. It’s way too form fitting. A bulkier mold, like Barbecue (which was used in the same back as a flamethrower trooper) would have worked better.

I’d recommended the desert set as a good source for custom fodder. Most of the parts exist within this pack to make desert versions of a Viper and Barbecue. This particular figure, with a head swap and a bit of paint, could make a desert version of Flash, or even a 25th anniversary version of the unproduced Action force Bombardier figure.


  • People didn’t like the desert pack in general because of the colors?

    • Not necessarily the colors, it’s just that desert and arctic figures just don’t sell real well, probably because kids and collectors alike want to be able to use their figures in any situation. Some think the desert and cold weather are too limiting. I like arctic stuff more than desert myself.

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