Cobra Trooper (Explosives Specialist)

The Cobra blueshirt specialists were one of the concepts I found most interesting during the 25th anniversary line. With air, bazooka and para-viper troopers, the Cobra army seemed like a throwback to its early Marvel comic days. Rather than specific troops with new gear, colors and nomenclature, these seemed to be the generic trooper given a bit of extra training and gear to throw on over their standard blue fatigues.

Cobra Trooper (Explosives Specialist)

The Extreme Conditions multi-packs used this idea to its advantage. Instead of just a squad of generic troop clones, the ranks of Cobra were flashed out with specialists. The explosive spec has a fairly unique look. He’s a mashup of basic Cobra Trooper and Viper parts, and I think the combo works well. In blue, this might have looked a little too much like a Viper. Given a desert color scheme however, the overall effect of the mishmash is diminished. The thick Viper vest stands in as at least a bit of protection for the solider’s delicate innards. A more substantial helmet suited for explosives protection might have been a plus.

While the trooper’s specialty in this case is to lay traps, It’s nice to see Cobra being proactive on the battle field for a change. Considering all the unprotected drivers and downright dangerous tech at their disposal, seeing a Cobra Trooper searching for landmines seems a bit humorous. I imagine Cobra Commander wouldn’t want to waste his time, and simply drive a column of expendable armor into a minefield. Then again, I can’t picture the Joes laying mines in the first place. Okay, so maybe these guys are only equipped with detectors to save their butts from their own explosives. That makes a lot more sense. I’m glad I thought that one through. It’s all coming together for me now.

Cobra Trooper (Explosives Specialist) Cobra Trooper (Explosives Specialist) Cobra Trooper (Explosives Specialist)


  • Why didn’t Hasbro try to make these types of repaints in vintage style with all the molds they recast? So much wasted potential.

  • ”This action figure, looks like its made from bits/ pieces, of other action figures:83’Trip Wire Mine Detector w/ land mine backpack,84′ Dreadnok Ripper Rifle,and 86’Cobra Viper Torso Repaint.”

  • It’s definitely recycled, but a creative approach. This and the arctic pack were outside the norm of figure releases.

  • Finally a cobra trooper that’s not caucasion. Just kidding, there was one or two in the toys r us troop builder set….. Seriously though, it’s good to see variety in cobras army.

  • Stick the head of the Flamethrower Specialist from this same desert pack on this guy, and you have a desert version of the Viper from the Arctic Pack.

  • Ripper’s gun is a bit distinctive to be some random trooper’s weapon.

    Those were odd sets, why two Crimson Guards, both with removable helmets? Why wasn’t Bludd in the same colors as his team? Why both a new type of flame thrower and a new hostile environment trooper, both of which are technically “Cobra Troopers”?

    Creatively interesting, but I wasn’t into 25th enough to seek them out.

  • Seeing as how Cobra recruits from all over the world, they would have a multi-national army with numerous branches and specialist troops.

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