Cobra Trooper (2012 Retaliation)

When I first saw pictures of the Retaliation Cobra Trooper, I thought, hey, looks like the Joe line is getting back some color, albeit electric blue.

The design doesn’t follow what we’ve seen of the movie troopers in trailers and pictures. They seem to be outfitted in an urban camo and black helmets, resembling a paramilitary security force more than the traditional blue shirted Cobra army we’ve come to know.

So what is the origin of this figure’s design then, if not based on the movie? Who knows, but what we have is a fresh take on the Cobra soldier that stands as a contrast to anything we’ve seen in recent lines. The stylized uniform design brings to mind the very graphic comic art stylings of the 2000’s new sculpt era, though there are hints at classic elements like the bowl helmet, the mask and web gear.

Being a movie figure, a play feature was added, and I have to say that I really love the inclusion of a parachute rather than another huge missile firing gun. The chute’s harness is even well done and not too intrusive when placed on the figure. As much as we collectors like to see toys packed with many points of articulation and arsenals of tiny detailed weapons and accessories, there’s no beating the fun of throwing a parachuted figure off a balcony. I am a bit disappointed in the weapon, as it is quite clunky and can’t be held in an effective firing pose. The package shows two rifles, but I didn’t see another on the card.

As anxious as I am to see movie accurate toys, I’m also smitten with some of the first wave’s unique designs. Hopefully, we’ll see more of these guys next year, as they make for an interesting alternative Cobra trooper.


  • I really wanted to dislike this figure. All preview pictures just made this trooper look so goofy, especially when compared to 30th Cobra Troopers & Vipers. I found one and took a chance. It was the helmet. That bright blue helmet is just so goofy looking. It interferes with interesting sculpt of the figure. Yeah, he’s got limited articulation but there is something really cool about design of the base figure. And yeah, the parachute is pretty cool, too!

  • Looks cool, but a bit too much like the ’91 Snake Eyes.

    • I agree, and I think it’s the head. I think the figure design is good, though, and I’d like to see a repaint. The electric blue isn’t bad itself, but the sheen (?) of the plastic makes this and the Retaliation HISS look like toys (more cheaply made than they really are). This ARAH collector has gotta get some ‘chutes, though!

  • this guy is very GvC with better proportions… that’s not bad on its own but it’s somehow less exciting than the Morays and CLAWS were.

  • I totally agree that I’d much rather see neat stuff like parachutes as the “action features” for the figures instead of unnecessary, spring-loaded BFGs, but for whatever reason I just am having trouble liking this guy as much as I did when I first saw him. I mean, color-wise, he’s very similar to the Renegades Trooper–which has quickly become one of my favorite representations of the Cobra blueshirt. Even the head is kind of evocative of the sinister masked Renegades Trooper, but for whatever reason, I find everything the Renegades Trooper does right, this guy just doesn’t quite do well enough. giTom, I agree, I think the helmet is part of it for me, but even then, there’s still something that I can’t quite pin down that just feels off about this guy to me.

  • Rob Buzan:

    I’d love to see Cobra CLAWS in the modern style. You should do a custom.


  • Nice review. You can’t go wrong with deep blue colors and a bowled helmet for a Cobra trooper. The red visor completes that vintage look from ’82 very nicely. Other than the awful weapon, (I hate those closed handles with a passion) this is a figure which I would have easily overlooked had you not featured him. I wish the movie producers had gone with this design instead. I think it would translate nicely in real life, sort of the way Star Wars’ Stormtroopers ended up doing.

  • Great perspective.

    Originally I wanted a couple just for the chutes, but they make a nice new Cobra trooper faction once the buckets are removed from their heads. I now have more of these than any other figure in Retaliation Wave 1.

    They also would would make a great battalion for the Blue Beetle if he was into that sort of thing.

  • This was the only Retaliation figure I kinda half-wanted.I’m always up for some new Cobras and the parachute is a must have-it reminds me of the opening credits to the 87 movie.That being said, I lost the pistol within two minutes of opening. It’s an okay figure-the lack of paint apps on the web gear really bring the figure down a notch.By far though, he’s the best figure from the first wave.

  • But have you thrown him off a balcony?

  • A lot of people are using this figure’s head for the Dollar General Snake Eyes.

  • Sadly seems these figures won’t be coming to the UK. I’m not sure about it as I’d like to see one for real first. The colours look like they might be a decent match for the Renegades version.

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