Cobra Red Ninja (2007 Sigma 6)

It’s convention time again. Unfortunately, I’m not able to attend this year. However, I thought I would take the time to catch up on a couple of subjects I haven’t covered in a while: one of which is convention items. Today, it’s just a taste of what’s to come. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be spotlighting a selection of vehicles–also convention exclusives. I’ve been lacking in my coverage of vehicles of late, and I think it’s important to get more Joe and Cobra rides into the mix.

This wouldn’t be Joe A Day without an inexplicable subject now and them, and to kick off this coverage of cons past, I dipped into the well to find an oddity. Sigma 6 isn’t regarded as Joe’s shining moment among fans, but I’ve been a fan of it since day one. The large scale Sigma figures were only represented once as a convention item, and this red ninja was it.

The item basically exists simply to be a parachute drop figure. Each year, the convention features an exclusive figure that is thrown from on high at the host hotel, much to the delight of children (and collectors) who gather below in hopes of picking up a cool, free toy. Often, these parachute drop figures seem like an afterthought. Often, they lack accessories, as is the case with the Cobra Red Ninja. Sometimes, accessories are offered separately at the con. That was not the case here. All the Red Ninja gets is his harness and parachute (borrowed from the parachuting Sigma 6 Duke and Snake Eyes, albeit with a fancy-schmancy Collector’s Club logo). The lack of weapons is not a huge deal to me, as I’ve plenty of Sigma swords lying about.

The Kamakura mold this figure was based upon was a fun toy. Painted in red and black, it’s glorious in its simplicity. Given a parachute, it’s pure toy love. I like red. I like ninjas. I like red ninjas. I like parachuting toys. I like Sigma 6. That’s a lot of likes for just a parachute drop figure.


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