Cobra Officer (2004)

Cobra Officer (2004)2004 was the year of the revived blueshirt. Between the comic pack that spawned this brightly colored version and the uber-popular Infantry Forces six-pack, collectors could get their fill of the generic Cobra ground pounder officer. I certainly did. I’m sure my buying binge was due not only to the colorful nature of the figure (I’m a sucker for brightly colored objects!) but also to the fact that I had but a single  Cobra Officer as part of my childhood collection back in 1983. While I found a lot to like about the Trooper, the Officer was my favorite. There was just something a little cooler about the elaborate web gear and the nifty helmet chevron. He looked so stylish! The officer does look nice this go-round, especially with the red mask and added helmet sigil. The comic colors really add a bit more interest, even if the figure doesn’t blend in with his vintage predecessor.

The included rifle is a serviceable stand-in for the old AK-47, but the original beauty just can’t be totally replaced by anything else. In a weird turn, a Baroness laser rifle was also included. Now I’m sure that the bad guys would have an ample supply of ill-gotten armaments in their arsenal, but that rifle is just so identifiable as a main character’s weapon that it’s hard to put it in the hands of a regular Cobra. Am I weird?

Cobra Officer (2004)


  • “Theyve captured a cobra officer”

    That symbol on the side of his helmet is a nice touch. I remember looking everywhere for these comic packs and having no luck finding them.

  • I once saw multiples of the pack this guy was in and two of the Oktober Guard packs at Tuesday Morning, but never got them. This was early in my Joe collecting, and I wasn’t in much of a position to pick up ample product.

  • You’re not weird at all. It bothers me too when iconic weapons get reused. A lot of the early 90s figures came with nothing but “other peoples” weapons and that really was a let down for me. I believe EVERY figure should have at least one unique weapon… it adds a lot to their character!

    I’d rather have one unique accessory than three re-used assesories.

  • I like the Cobra symbol on the helmet!

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