Cobra Diver (2008)

I loved the Sunbow homage figures. The animated universe, especially the first mini-series, had so many interesting filler and background characters populating the show. It’s only natural, since the animated mini-series was limited to the first two years of the action figure line. The Cobra troops in particular needed a bit of fleshing out. The Cobra Diver’s first claim to fame was during the battle for heavy water. The figure even handily came with a container of the substance that could be snapped onto the MASS Device toy. Pretty neat.

The design of the diver is simple but effective. This is one reuse of the Torpedo mold that makes sense, and I liked the mold and the design so much that picked up a few of these guys even though I’m not usually an army builder. My favorite aspect of the figure is the laser pistol, which has that early animated GI Joe feel of military adventure meets sci-fi. The figure on the whole, like other elements of the MASS Device mini-series, has always brought to my mind the style of the 60s Jonny Quest cartoon. Some of it also really feels like a bridge between the Adventure Team era of the 70s and what the Real American Hero cartoon would become later in the 80s with the advent of the daily animated series.


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