Cobra Commander (2008 Collectors Club Exclusive)

Released as the 2008 collectors club membership figure, this Cobra Commander was previously only available via less common means, such as the examples that snuck out of China and were available through eBay for a time. It was a real treat then when the club officially gave this mold to fans, especially for those of us who held the new sculpt era in high regard.

The mold was originally intended to be part of the follow-up series to Valor vs. Venom, a concept titled Robot Rebellion. Other elements of that series made it into some of the DTC figures, particularly some weapons, which were equipped with pegs and holes that allowed them to either be placed together or possibly attached to figures.

Cobra Commander bears a strong resemblance to his Sigma 6 version, outfitted in a kind of sleek battle armor. The unique battle helmet of the Sigma design is missing however, which is a disappointment. The hood fits well, and is preferable to the windblown rag sculpt of the previous removable hood Commander from Valor vs. Venom. I find this unique redesign of the Commander to be more interesting than any of his other new sculpt era figures. If I had another wish for the mold, it would be to see it done in a blue a la his appearance in the Sigma 6 cartoon.


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