Cobra Commander (2005 Comic Pack)

Anybody interested in a holographic Cobra Commander? At first, I thought maybe Hasbro had confused their GI Joe line with Star Wars, since back in the 2000s, you couldn’t swing a dead Jawa without hitting a hologram based figure. Alas, it was not a mix-up, but a legitimate variant based on a few panels of Marvel GI Joe issue #9.

Made up of mostly the same bits that comprised the previous comic pack version of old raghead, the holo Commander gained what look to be bare arms. Borrowed from the original Roadblock mold, the sleeveless forearm look is an odd choice. The comic issue shows the Commander’s hologram wearing his standard uniform, so the bare arms are a mystery. Maybe it was a production related issue. Maybe it was just laziness.

For a customizer, the comic pack containing this figure was worth multiple dips, if only to acquire a few Original Thirteen Joe bodies thanks to pack mates Breaker and Scarlett. I bought multiples of the pack when the DTC series went on deep discount at As such, I have several of these translucent tyrants floating about in my extra figures box. Are they useful? Not really, unless you’d consider using an extra as a Joe mashup with the MASK Split Seconds series, or to be even more obscure, a GI Joe/Shadow Strikers crossover.


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