Cobra Commander (2003)

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  1. Kansas Brawler says:

    This was arguably my favorite Cobra Commander from the new sculpt era. It just really hit on all cylinders. I really wanted to like the one with both options (which recycled this heavily) but the colors on this battle helmet only option were just so much better.

    • Acer says:

      You could stick the head of that 2005 version on this one, and then you’d be able to have good colors with swappable head gear.

  2. Skymate says:

    I picked him up as soon as i saw him, back in 2003. It had been my first Cobra commander in about ten years. I certainly prefer him over all those other versions they did of him during that period

  3. Nega says:

    I found it a tad irritating that the battle helmet commander couldn’t sit in a vehicle, while the hooded one could. Never cared for the plastic “skirt” stuff.

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