Cobra Combat Ninja (2013)

When I first saw the packaging for Retaliation, and its focus on ninja themes, I was more than a little concerned. Even the back of the package, which mentioned the GI Joe team having top-secret ninja training, made me wince in anticipation of what that could mean for the movie. Would Roadblock really be a ninja commando? Would Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow be the focus of the story? Would the Cobra Trooper figures be branded as ninjas? Well, one of those questions was a yes, and it wasn’t the end of the world. I can get why the ninja label was tacked on to give a bit more kid appeal. Nerd rage abated.

The Cobra troopers in the latest film had an interesting look about them, and certainly make for a more attractive toy than the strange looking Neo-Vipers from the Rise of Cobra. Painted with a kind of urban digital camo, this figure doesn’t quite match up exactly to its movie counterpart, but the basic appearance is there. They’re obviously not anything like the first wave Cobra trooper. I wouldn’t mind at all having a small squad of these guys.

The ninja aspect of course seems thrown in, as the figure is equipped with a katana and an alternate head. If you take the vest off (thankfully there’s painted camo underneath), replace the head and give him the sword, it makes for a fun alternative look. I’m all for extra parts that add a little more play value to a toy.

The extras continue into the weapons and accessories, as we get a very cool Cobra flag, a substantial missile launcher, and several rifles. The arsenal included with many of the modern figures is really a welcome sight. As much as I sometimes blather about the new figures not having enough kid appeal, having a metric crapload  of weapons available across a single assortment would have freaked me out as a kid. And hey, they’re not red or powder blue, either.

Sure, there were a few changes from the figure that was shown in previews, but the basics of a solid, newly designed basic Cobra trooper are still here. I’m happy with the bright, funky look of these guys, even if the paint applications are a bit short of what we expected.


  • My 12 year old son likes this figure so much and is looking forward to getting one but it’s at $25 a piece from where we are and that sucks when you still have other figures in that wave you like to get. Not to mention wave 4 being around the corner.

    Anyway, I don’t get the buzz for this figure but I’m sure I’ll change my mind when I see the figure in-hand.

  • The rocket launchers colours and detail are a homage to the classic A.S.P

  • Not to mention that the alternate head is most certainly inspired by the Blue Ninjas Larry Hama introduced a while back.

  • The Cobra Combat Ninja was a nice surprise for me. I was kind of glad they held off on releasing him. Before the movie, I wasn’t terribly impressed with this figure, but after seeing them in action on the screen, something just really clicked for me and turned the CCN into a must-have. The addition of the Blue Ninja head also made me smile since (even though it dragged on a bit too much by the end), I really liked the design Hama used and it gives me an excuse to use the ninja gear. When he’s displayed with the Blue Ninja head, he’s packing the sword and a rifle. When he has the movie trooper head on, he’s armed to the teeth with a pair of other weapons.

  • Good thing this is text based. I’ve just had my wisdom teeth [all four] out so i’m unintentionally doing a jar jar binks impersonation.

    I like his digital camo. When ive recovered, i plan to go to Sydney to see what i can find.
    Given that the cobra flag is his accessory, i’m guessing he’s enemies with battle corps Gung ho

  • I’m going to be buying a couple of these for that terrific cobra flag and the other accessories.The figure is okay.The only Retaliation figure I’ve picked up is Kwinn so far. He’s chilling with Dr.Venom on a shelf.

  • @Troublemagnet

    Are you going to make a flooding bunker diorama for them?

  • These guys would sell like hot cakes but it’s unlikely most stores will get them. I want one and I don’t really collect modern era.

  • This is a great soldier figure (could make an urban ops Joe, even), and the extra accessories are awesome. I’d buy one for the head and ASP spring launcher if I ever see it!

  • Finally saw one of these at a toy show today, on the card. Besides the heads, this figure is just a disappointing repaint of the Cobra Shock Trooper. Don’t feel like I’m missing much not getting this one. I have like 8 Shock Troopers already anyway.

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