Cobra Bunker (1985)

The battlefield accessory concept was another brilliant piece of marketing for the Real American Hero line. For a small price point you could provide your troops with an added element of play. While the cannon, machine gun and missile unit sets were cool additions to my arsenal, I particularly enjoyed the small base type emplacements.

The Cobra bunker is somewhat reminiscent of the World War II pillbox style bunkers, albeit with a fantastical twist. There’s no mistaking which force occupies this fortification, with its blue paint job, large sigil sculpted into the front wall, and “Cobra” proudly emblazoned at the top. Cobra Commander is a master marketer, and he knows that branding is vitally important to the success of a business, especially those that are Determined to Rule the World.

Regardless of the melodrama involved in its design, the bunker looks to be well fortified. Well, from a fantasy standpoint, at least. The modular construction, meant to replicate damage in battle, has always been a problem to keep together. Maybe it’s just me, and I’ve always had bad examples, but it doesn’t stand up well to even regular use. Still, it looks wonderful, with detailed sculpted terrain base. The inside walls aren’t as detailed as the front; two stickers representing video screens being the lone detail. The inside floor is rather spartan, as is to be expected.

The bunker is well armed, with two heavy machine guns protruding from the wall. Outside the unit, an impressively large tripod mounted surface to air rocket can be deployed to knock out Joe aircraft.
Sure, the bunker is no Missile Command HQ or Terrordrome, but with a little imagination it makes for a nice outpost from which Cobra can launch operations.


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