Cobra BAT V2 (2003)

Talk about the early days of online GI Joe exclusives. The BAT pack was offered way back in the comparative dark ages of the early oughts. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. It’s not like the set was an exclusive or something. Regardless, it’s crazy to think that the set is nearing fifteen years old. Dang. That means I’m old too. Oh well.

The 1991 version 2 BAT was a cool mold, if somewhat oddly colored. The original robotic Cobra trooper had been redesigned with a more streamlined look, and without traditional uniform shirt and pants. The new version looked as if Cobra had sunk some serious R&D dollars into its creation.

Could this figure be the first instance of exlusive repaints geared toward the tastes of collectors? Seeing a 90s figure done up in colors similar to the more well-regarded 80s version makes me wonder. I do miss the 90s figure’s backpack, and even though it was of the missile-firing variety, it also included posts to store the arm attachments.


  • The best figure in its pack, but the set came to a mixed reception. When if was finally available, you had collectors more interested in army building “new sculpt” releases. They should’ve led with something better, because Overkill and Inferno BAT were too 90’s and despite all the “i love neon” you hear from some passionate collectors, most fans didn’t and still don’t. And others might like them as novelties, but not as troop builders. I’ve heard that after the BAT set, Hasbro scrapped plans for more online army builder packs.

    • James From Miami

      Thank you for that information. But, for me the idea of selling G.I. Joe figures, specially, army builder packs, online only, is a very bad thing for me, since I do not have a credit card. And besides, the best thing about buying from the stores, is that at the beginning of the new year, they sell the “old toys” at clearance prices. So, no, I am not a fan of online only G.I. Joe, and Transformers.

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