Cobra Air Trooper (2011 30th Anniversary)

In a previous post, I remarked on Hasbro’s recent track record of successfully using existing parts to create new and interesting figures. Well, as my dad says, “Somebody’s gotta graduate at the bottom of the class.” For me, that somebody is the Air Trooper.I haven’t seen such a nondescript code name since the Cobra Pilot. I guess Cobra forgot to refill the catalytic elements that power the MASS Device’s code name generator attachment. This isn’t the first version of this Cobra trooper, as a jetpack-wearing version of the figure as released in 2007. The current version’s file card is almost a word for word match of the original.

It’s a combination of existing parts with a few new bits. The vest looks similar to Ace’s 25th anniversary counterpart, but it is different. The figure also reuses Ace’s legs, but with kneepads from the Cobra Para-Viper. This combination results in a figure that can’t straighten its legs out completely. The torso just seems to be too long, which is further accentuated by the ill-fitting vest and parachute pack. The vest just can’t slide down far enough, and the effect is a comically long torso. That should have been his code name–Longtorso.

If there’s a bright spot here, it’s definitely the helmet. It’s not removable, but it’s a nice sculpt all the same. I’m sure it’s based on a real military helmet, but it reminds me of Dusty Hayes (Backlash, on!) from MASK. If only he was driving a jeep with a motorboat inside rather than a VTOL jet. Hey, it could work. We already have a Matt Trakker in the Joe line.


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