Chopper Trike (Lanard Corps!)

What do you get when you cross the Buzz Boar with a Big Wheel? The Lanard Corps line’s craziest vehicle, the Chopper Trike, also known as the Desert Digger. As far out as some of the Corps figures were, the early vehicles generally had been quite restrained in their design. There was a patrol boat, a tank and helicopter near the beginning of the line. Some early figures were packaged with a motorcycle or jet ski type craft. Nothing however matched the sheer insanity of this little gem. It’s just…wow. Words fail me. Although, I guess if I had to come up with one word to describe it, I would say audacious.

Only a company at the bleeding edge of sheer toycentric design would come up with this. First released in the 90’s, it’s a tricycle with a saw blade for a front wheel. Looking back with hindsight at some of the outrageous material that’s come out of the Lanard labs since then, It’s no surprise to see this. After all, we’re talking about the same folks who would later give us Space Cowboys. “Damn the torpedos of realism, and full cheese ahead” must have been the design mantra, and I am totally behind that.

I’ve seen this vehicle packed singly with one figure and also in a four pack, and both have included either Whispering Willie or Crowbar, the Corps line’s discount Dreadnoks cum Mad Max villains. It makes complete sense to me, as who else would drive such an amazing piece of machinery except a man with a triple bladed chainsaw? I hear Willie makes his own weapons, so maybe he designed this too.

Though it may seem like a cheap move, the detail provided only by stickers is quite effective. This was common among the small Corps! vehicles, but the Chopper Trike benefits the most from the added embellishments. I really enjoy the extinguisher and flammable material placard on the rear of the vehicle. What are they trying to say? The skull and crossbones on the seat and the checkered pattern on the fenders make for a tricked out ride to rival any 80’s kid’s BMX bike.

My only qustion with this vehicle: is the control stick in the middle an improvement over the older technology of the rear wheel hand brake, and is it more effective for cutting donuts in the driveway?


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