Chief Torpedo (2004)

The original Torpedo is a classic of the early years of the Real American Hero era. He’s a great figure, but outside of an underwater setting, his usefulness is limited. The Sunbow cartoon often had Torpedo running about in white t-shirt and jeans; not the most battle-ready of outfits, but more at home in a land battle than a wet suit.

This figure, included in an odd trio of Joes along with the VAMP and Whirlwind, isn’t as plainly clothed as his animated counterpart, but he’s better dressed for land missions. The Muskrat torso and legs are a good, non-descript choice, and the Battle Corps Roadblock arms are a pretty good fit. The only odd choice is the head, which belonged originally to Wet Suit. Maybe somebody figured it would just work, since both characters were divers. I just can’t see a cool customer like Torpedo sporting Wet Suit’s horrible semi-mullet

The same year actually saw most of this figure, and a similar camo scheme, used in the convention exclusives. The Muskrat body was part of the several, uh, redneck Dreadnoks included in the box set. Must have been a popular look that year. 


  • Not the first time there was a Torpedo figure using a Wet-Suit head sculpt. The 1998 version from the Navy SEAL Team 3-pack was the first, and strangely enough, had brown hair. Were it up to me, this guy would’ve been Wet-Suit, as we got a land-based Torpedo the previous year.

  • Agreed, I kind of with this would have just been a land-based version of Wet Suit as well. I never had Torpedo in my ARAH-style collection, but I did have Wet Suit with this head (the yellow version of the Battle Corps mold) that was nice but still restricted by wearing his dive gear everywhere. Making this Wet Suit would’ve given those two molds some nice synergy.

  • I got the VAMP/Whirlwind boxed set not too long ago. The black hair and gray suit also reminds me of the original Mainframe, sans helmet. It’s a good figure in terms of multiple uses since he’s not pegged down as an specific character due to the parts used in making him.

  • Looking at him i get the impression he have meant to be someone else?

    It is good to see him in a “land” uniform. Remeber in that early comic when he was getting about in Washington D.C [i think] with his flippers on.

  • @Skymate: I remember issue #18, the one in Coney Island where he and Rock ‘N Roll meet some girls on the beach while they pack away the Manta surfboard. The Joes are then sent off to Libya but Torpedo stays behind. (Although he’s mistakenly pictured among the other members.)

    When Scarlett notes that he would be useless in the desert, Rock ‘N Roll counters by saying that Torpedo is probably busy getting down to some “heavy maneuvers in the sand.”

  • @Clutch. I doubt comic componies would publish that these days, especially in a book about toys largely targeted at children.

    What about that issue in which youre namesake attempts to have scarlet and Covergirl wrestle each other

    • @Skymate: Yeah, that was when the new Pit (II) was being unveiled. Issue #33, I think. Clutch was gonna have them mud wrestle while he cashed in the profits as their manager. The girls pretty much ignored anything he said by then, so Larry Hama teamed him up with RCR and thus began the “best buds” angle which lasts to this day. But I much prefer the earlier, lone wolf version of Clutch.

      And of course, then came Flint, whose comic version could give Clutch a run in the ladies’ man department.

  • I’m still missing most of the early issues [i have tpb volumes6-13]. Most of the stuff i can scrounge up in my nearest comic shops are only the modern comics or ninja force era tripe

    I did manage to find A.R.A.H #1 mint at a swap meet for $1. I want the rest of the series

    Getting back to the subject, i made a 25th/30th style Torpeedo V1 out of some of the R.O.C diver figures. I also gave him a vest, removeable goggles and reomeavble flippers as its easier to get about D.C with shoes [unless maybe he’s trolling Tom Hanks in the reflective pool] i also gave him a bloody R.O.C Zartan knife as he was interested in knife fighting and a pistol to make him look even tougher

  • This is one of the great figs of the repaint era. Solid mold, convention level paint apps and a good take on a classic character all add up to something cool. Wish I still had mine.

  • Looking at the box picture, I think Trackers body was maybe in line for getting used as Torpedo. That’s just speculation on my part.

    I wanted so much to have a more versatile Torpedo figure, but having had the 1991 Wet-suit for so long and being used to THAT figures head, Chief Torpedo here ended up feeling like a bad twin on missions. (1991 Wet-suit most often used Wet-suit here….).

    However, past the head, I thought the figure was so darn solid, this Torpedo figure sold me into getting Muskrat. Muskrat is now in my mix of top figures ever since.

    Chief Torpedo…… not so so much.

    And on Declassified, we learned what could have been with the other Navy SEAL, Tracker. (who became “Action Man.”)

  • One of the more worthwhile parts of the Vamp set (the other two figures were totally uninspired, though at least Pathfinder has his gear). Not a bad kitbash, it would’ve been nice if Muskrat himself had gotten a repaint, like in the comic packs or something.

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