Ace (1997)

Ace is one of those Joe characters you can almost always expect to show up in a new line. The team usually has a fighter aircraft of some sort, and who else can function as well as this guy as a pilot figure? Of course the original version is iconic, but the new sculpt and modern eras also featured Mr.

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Frostbite (2003)

By Past Nastification My hatred of head-to-toe repaints runs deep.  Grand Canyon deep.  Looking at this “Frostbite” figure takes some mental energy, because it’s just a Snow Job figure with the wrong name thrown on it. Maybe that’s the worst way to look at it.  Instead, I’ll try to set aside the naming issue and appreciate the figure on its

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Cobra Commander (2008 Senior Ranking Officers)

A Crimson Cobra Commander. Why not? After all, every good totalitarian madman needs to match not only his legions of jackbooted thugs, but also his elite, more stylishly dressed personal guard. The forces of evil, though they’re always wrong and ultimately vanquished by the forces of good, are nevertheless style mavens of the highest order. Cobra Commander, even from the

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