Starduster (2009)

For a guy who originated as a cereal mail-in, Starduster sure got some play during the 25th Anniversary series. It stands to reason, as there is a ton of nostalgia that surrounds the original figure. One of the senior ranking officer sets featured the character, albeit with a modified code name. Clad in a brighter blue camouflage that mimicked the

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Shuttle Crew Command Ring

Now I can finally be an official pilot for that shuttle I picked up at the flea market! Thankfully, this thing kinda fits my pinky finger. Now my Sgt. Slaughter figure won’t berate me every time I try to fly the Crusader around  my living room. I feel like a kid who got a cool Cracker Jacks prize–back when that

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Short Fuze (1982)

As a kid, I had only Flash (my first Joe figure) and Snake Eyes in the straight arm format. Both figures were well loved by little me. Flash’s right thumb breaking off (a side effect of putting his laser rifle in his hand a lot). Snake Eyes often accompanied me on trips to visit relatives (there weren’t a lot of

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