Roadblock (1993 Star Brigade)

In all of Roadblock’s years of release, which sub-team or iteration of GI Joe hasn’t he been a part of? Tiger Force, Battle Corps, Anti-Venom, Heavy Assault Squad, Sound Attack, Resolute, and the movie-verse. As the team’s heavy machine gunner, probably his most “against type” appearance came in 1993, when he became an astronaut. It may not make a whole

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Recondo (2004)

The saga of the interchangeable Recondo and Clutch (or Double Clutch, as he was known for a while) in the early 2000s can be a confusing thing. In 2003, the same mold represented these two very different characters. Not an odd thing in the GI Joe world, considering that mold re-use has been pretty common since the days of the

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Slaughter’s Marauders Red Dog

By KansasBrawler I’ve always had a weird relationship with Red Dog. He’s honestly my least favorite Renegade. While Mercer and Taurus had characterizations that interested me, an ex-football star with anger issues just never really spoke to me. Mercer and Taurus always had distinctive personalities when my brother and I were playing with them, but Red Dog was just kind

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