Herc Armstrong (1986 Inhumanoids)

I know what you’re saying, “Wait, what?! Inhumanoids on Joe A Day?! You’ve broken the site!!” Well, then repeat to yourself it’s just a blog; I should really just relax. Besides, I’ll get to the Joe connection in a moment. Hasbro’s Inhumanoids toy line is probably best known for its creature figures, particularly the three giant monsters Metlar, Tendril and

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Lars Lazer (1999 Corps!)

I’m sure most Joe fans have a story or two about getting an “almost” Joe gift from a well-meaning but ill-informed relative for Christmas, birthday, etc. I had a one of those experiences, too. Give Grandma a break; everybody doesn’t pay attention to name brands and such, especially when there’s a cheaper and similar looking figure hanging on the pegs

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