Grunt (2003)

Grunt seems to have gotten short shrift since the days of the new sculpt lines. From 2003 to 2004, he had four figures released. Since the 25th anniversary line, he’s had one fairly half-arsed figure as part of a Toys R Us three pack, and one fairly decent just-off-screen movie based attempt. Why didn’t we get him in the Pursuit

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Major Barrage (2005 DTC)

Major Barrage, like some other later new sculpt line figures, pioneered some construction elements that were later incorporated into the 25th Anniversary and modern series. The pinless shoulder joints and ball jointed head were improvements that carried into successive lines, abd are still in use. He also breaks away from the generally standard figure height, and towers over other figures.

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Medi-Viper (2005 DTC)

The Medi-Vipers, in the Marvel comics, were the kind of troops that made for great ancillary detail among the well-known Joes and Cobras. I had wanted a figure version since I first saw them. Though the design was obvious and the old style doctor’s reflector on the head was a bit out of date, the concept was brilliantly simple. I’m

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