Baby Jaye (2013)

A few posts back, I covered a custom Zartan action figure that I had created in my younger days. In that post, I mentioned that I had several custom ideas kicking around in my head, but not enough time to get them done. Well, I’m proud today to post the latest Joe A Day custom, or should I say collaborative

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Custom GI Joe Earrings (2012)

Following on from yesterday’s post: what do you get a woman who has everything for her birthday? Well, if you’re a GI Joe geek with a little bit of customizing skill, you make her some earrings using the classic Firefly field phone. Now before you pass out from the prospect of the Firefly phone with a tiny Dremel hole in

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Footloose (Operation Dragonfire custom)

Most Joe fans can’t stand the DIC produced animated series. There’s good reason not to like it, particularly its second season, which is more unintentionally funny than anything else. The DIC series started strong however, with the Operation Dragonfire mini-series. The storyline mirrored the Sunbow formula: Cobra creates or discovers device/weapon of Incredible Power and intends to use said device/weapon

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