Serpentor Unofficial Minifigure

The hits keep on coming with the recent spate of unofficial GI Joe-based minifigures. I’ve been smitten with the entire assortment, and am hopeful we’ll see more. Who knows with the wild world of knock-off minifigures? Serpy is a challenging character to produce in minifig form, considering his unique helmet, cowl and costume design. The Kreon version adopted a helmet

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Storm Shadow Unofficial Minifigure

Continuing coverage of the recent (and unexpected) releases of Chinese knockoff GI Joe minifigures, we’ve got everyone’s favorite Cobra ninja. I’m still amazed that these things exist, and wonder just why manufacturers of popular super hero and pop culture properties would suddenly seize upon GI Joe. Not complaining; just surprised. As these minifigures go, this one has an issue that

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Sightline (2017)

Sightline, first released as part of the 2015 Toy R Us exclusives, was a new character based on Gary Head, noted Joe historian who passed away in 2014. This year, Joe Declassified has produced a limited o-ring version of the figure. The exclusive has been making the rounds to various Joe events throughout the year. The JAD crew attended Assembly

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