The New Joes in Marvel Age #34

Marvel Age was the company’s monthly advertising book, a concept that took the in-house ad to the next level. Among the what’s-on-sale features were previews of upcoming comics as well as interviews with creators. Over the course of its run, the mag ran updates on the GI Joe comic. This article appeared in issue 34, which according to Mike’s Amazing

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1994 Zartan Pin-Up

Comic pin-ups are always a treat. An artist gets to go all-out without regard for story context, and spotlight a character head to toe. I find it interesting to consider them through the lens of history. A pin-up image can really distill the style of an era and give you a peek into the comic zeitgeist of the day. Here’s

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Order of Battle: Tollbooth

On this Labor Day in the US, we remember the sacrifices of American workers who brought massive positive changes to working conditions and workers’ rights in this country. I can’t think of a more hump-busting Regular Joe than Tollbooth. He’s one of those oft-forgotten figures who drives a vehicle that provides a much-needed service for the team. And in my

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