Sears 1986 Wishbook Page

What better way to run-up to Christmas than with some more catalog pages? Here’s the GI Joe page from the 1986 Sears Wishbook, complete with the amazing Terrordrome dominating the scene. Wonderful! Put me down for a case! Even better is a small shot of the ultra-cool Dreadnok exclusives. Oh yeah, the Flagg is way down there on the bottom

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1984 Eaton’s Catalog A-Team

We’re going off the rails tonight, but it’s still tangentially Joe related–in my eyes, at least. I’m fascinated by the myriad me-too military toy lines that arose in the early 80s after GI Joe’s relaunch broke into the big time. Sure, Hasbro cribbed the o-ring and rivet format from Mego/Takara (and Hasbro itself by proxy if you want to get

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1983 Sears Wishbook Miscellanea

I just can’t get off the Christmas Catalog kick. There’s so much cool stuff to pore over. Now I remember why I spent so many hours staring at this stuff as a kid. Tonight we forego the usual toys to check out the miscellaneous items that were released early in the 80s line’s launch. From toothbrushes to ride-ons, there’s something

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