Adventure Team in 1971 Product Catalog

I enjoy toy catalogs. Whether Christmas fare, local circular ads or highly specific retailer and Toy Fair presentations, it all hits me in the right place. The Hasbro internal catalogs have always featured some of the best layout of product as well as (inadvertently) spotlighting interesting pre-production samples of well-known sets. For the Adventure Team’s second year, the catalog highlights

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Proto-Joes from 1982 Catalog

Toy Fair and retailer sale catalogs are always interesting to look at for their propensity to showcase not-quite-retail release versions of well-known toys. The subjects can range from kitbashed concepts to almost-finished product that differs only in paint scheme or small details.  The toys in these shots appear to be similar if not the same as those appearing in the

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Toy Fair Flashback: 1994 Blockbuster

Wow, if you hadn’t known that GI Joe was changing within a year, you would think that a large tank-like vehicle like this would signal a return to form in comparison to previous 90s offerings. Unfortunately, the Blockbuster represents the final large vehicle of the RAH era. The diorama shot here in the Hasbro catalog showcases it nicely. It’s a

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