The Power of Packaging: Action Force Cobra Commander

Palitoy’s Action Force packaging is interesting in its straightforward design. There’s no explosion, character art or extraneous copy, just bold color and text. It’s basic and effective. When the line began to incorporate the US Joe concepts like Cobra and o-ring figure designs, small additions were made to the cards. The Commander’s card features a unique Cobra logo design, as

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Q-Force Stingray and Shark

The packaging differences between 80s GI Joe and his overseas cousin, Action Man (or Action force) are striking. Ever since I first discovered the series in the pages of Tomart’s Actvion Figure Digest way back when, I’ve been fascinated with it. Thanks to the incredible work of the Blood for the Baron site, we’ve all the information we can handle

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Z Force Infantryman (1983)

Here’s the Grunt of Action Force. Well, in the sense of an infantryman, at least. Unlike the relaunched GI Joe of the 80s, the Palitoy offerings included unnamed army builders on the “good guy” side of things. I’ve become really smitten with the Palitoy Action Force figures. The combination of five point articulation with designs based on earlier twelve inch

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