Electric Eel (2004)

Why do I find clear action figures so fascinating? Is it because you can see all of the inner structures, like the visible man model from grade school science class? Or is it because it looks like candy?  The Electric Eel looks like it’s made from an apple Jolly Rancher. Mmmmm, apple Jolly Rancher… Maybe I shouldn’t be writing on

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Zartan (2004)

Zartan has always intrigued me, both in his design and as a character. First showing up in 1984, the master of disguise was a mystery from the beginning. I remember seeing his picture on the back of another figure’s card, yet not seeing him hanging on a shelf peg. My 11 year old self was surprised to find him on

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Big Brawler (2001)

The early 2000’s seem to be a forgotten part of the history of the Joe line. In 2000, Joes returned to stores in what was labeled as a special collector’s edition. The figures released in this new line were a big departure from the neon colors seen at the end of the vintage line. This time out, there were more

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