Captivating Cover: Showcase Presents #53

Yes folks, the first Hasbro GI Joe comic was released in 1964 to coincide with the new toys. What makes it Hasbro specific? Just look at that figure in the title; he looks similar in pose to the package art. Gi Joe ads can often be found advertised in DC comics of the time, and the cover also calls out soldier, sailor and marine (guess the pilot gets the shaft). I love the cover–the barbed-wire panel lines are a nice touch. Plus, it’s Joe Kubert on a war comic. Win!



  • I have always found it strange that the U.S. Army soldier was called soldier, but the U.S.M.C. soldier was called marine, instead of marine soldier. Does anybody know why that was done like that? Are the marines soldiers, or something else? Are they called soldiers by the United States Marine Corps, or the other U.S. armed forces? Or did the Hasbro folks just did that because it was part of their marketing of G.I. Joe back them? I would appreciate any information that anybody might have on this. Also, wasn’t there another G.I. Joe comics that were made before this ones from the 1960’s? And were those also part of the G.I. Joe toys? Also, it would have been so cool if the Joes would have had an enemy group to fight back then. Either Cobra, or another ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

  • Let me guess; the Germans only say things like “Actung, Himmel” and the Japanese guys only say “Banzai, by Shinto”

  • That’s an exciting old-school comic cover!

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