Captivating Cover: Marvel Issue #55

Back in the 80s, before I’d discovered that my hometown had a Local Comic Shop, I was buying comics from the rack at the drug store or gas station. A trip to 7-11 usually gave me the opportunity to scope out what was available. Being a Marvel Zombie from a young age, I was only checking out the likes of Spider-Man, the Avengers and of course GI Joe. Because my trips were hit and miss, I rarely picked up consecutive issues of any title. In the case of Joe, I had a few cherry-picked issues from number 7 on. When I saw this cover, I had to have it. After all, who wouldn’t want to find out what the most famous masked Joe characters looked like? The cynic in me could say that we didn’t really get a look at them unmasked, but hey, such cover exaggerations are the stuff of comics.




  • This issue was right in my heyday of Joe comics and toys. The stories were good and Hama was doing a decent job of moving the story along. Destroying the first Pit was both disappointing and necessary to keep Joe from stagnating too much.

  • The 3 most popular action figures can give anyone goosebumps, when their identities are revealed.”

  • My biggest complaint about Rise Of Cobra was the that the two of the most mysterious characters in the franchise were unmasked for a vast majority. AND there were a ton of needless exposition in all those stupid flashbacks….Anyone want a pizza roll?

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