Captivating Cover: Action Force Monthly 14

The cover of the UK’s Action Force Monthly features Falcon in a wet suit. How can we tell that’s Falcon? Well, his name is handily printed on the leg of his suit. Convenient.

I don’t mean to sound snarky, in fact this sort of thing is necessary in a comic, especially when a character’s identifying features are obscured. The best explanation I can give for this sort of thing is: because comics. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  • Never seen this one. Action Force Monthly was different than straight Action Force, I guess? I bought the Action Force line at my local comic shop from Issue #9 on forwards. That started in ’87 or so, though, so a bit before this.

    • After the original Action Force weekly comic ended, the Monthly version started. That comic was also published in the US as G.I. Joe: European Missions, and included new stories alongside reprints from the weekly series.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I remember this one from European Missions.

  • I wonder if it’s just comic coloring or if Falcon had black hair in the UK? He got a dye job for his ’91 figure, so there’s that, but brown hair would’ve set him apart from Torpedo, who didn’t get his name printed on his wetsuit.

  • ”The best G.I Joe vs. Cobra underwater diver confrontation would be ,Torpedo(1983)vs. Cobra EEL(1985) in any comic book from Marvel.”

  • James From Miami

    I just noticed that both Torpedo, and Falcon, do not have their faces covered (like the 83 Torpedo figure), or wearing any helmets (like the 86 Wet-Suit figure). Why couln’t the folks who designed the G.I. Joe figures back in those days, design the scuba diver figures like the way that they were drawn in this comic? Instead they gave two diver figures that were totally useless in missions that did not took place on some ocean, or lake, or something similar.

  • Great classic comic artwork!

    Falcon kinda looks like Superman here.

    Did either the 1991 Crimson Guard Immortal, 1991 Interrogator, or the 1991 Cobra Commander with red faceplate make an appearance in Action Force Monthly?

    Would someone please post the appearances of the 1991 Cobra Commander with red faceplate in the original Marvel 1982-1994 G.I.Joe comic?

    I asked in the review of that figure here, but it was a while back, and not sure if any folks saw that comics question posted.


    • Dreadnok: Spirit

      From memory, I believe the last appearance of Cobra Commander in that particular outfit was #116 which was the first part of the Destro Trilogy. It’s the scene where Cobra Commander gives the order to Tomax and Xamot to have Destro taken out.

  • Sounds like someone wants “Rob. B.” emblazoned pants for his birthday!

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