Calvin “Jammer” Mondale (2010)

Part of the last few classic o-ring style figures, Jammer was an homage to the Z-Force repaint of the Stalker mold. Made up mostly of parts seen previously in a comic pack, including a smaller scaled head sculpt, Jammer also incorporates the Cobra Officer torso. This small change really helps to take the figure beyond the Stalker repaint of his 80s counterpart.

Being a convention exclusive, there’s more attention to detail in the paint applications, and he features a wonderfully intricate camo pattern. There’s also the iconic ‘Zed’ logo on his chest, along with a familiar red beret. He’s equipped with Stretcher’s comm gear, which is somewhat unexpected, but it works. I’m just glad to see a communications trooper without Dial-Tone’s or a Tele Viper’s backpack.

I enjoyed the file cards of the 2010 set, and the fact that time was taken to make up reasonable backstories as to why a few non-Brits were serving in Z-Force. Jammer was an American disillusioned with the corporate computer world and took off in search of adventure. Like Lifeline from the same set, it at least gets the characters together in an interesting way.


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