Burger King Kids Meal: Vehicle

Burger King VehicleThat’s what it’s called on the printed material I’ve seen: Vehicle. Doesn’t exactly inspire flights of fancy and fire the imagination where play is concerned, does it? Maybe that name was meant to be an acronym, like the old days of the WHALE and SNAKE Armor. This thing sure could use a little jazzing up at any rate. I’ll give it a go, how about: Varying Entry High Impact Catapulting Land Encroacher. Sounds like something that could have come out in ’84, doesn’t it? I even worked a nonsensical word in there.

Fans will recognize the toy as something akin to the AWE Striker, albeit with some changes necessary for this sort of simple promo meal toy, such as a figure hunkered down in the exposed driver’s seat. It’s like GI Joe built  a 50s style bucket-T hot rod. I’m most excited (aside from the lovely color scheme) by the driver. Some folks have said it’s based on the Retaliation Ultimate Duke figure, which featured an alternate helmet/head very similar to this one, but I have to go with Night Fox, since that figure hit shelves first. The dark color of the uniform further points to Mr. Fox as the driver. Want more proof? Night Fox has been featured as a driver of two vehicles in the modern era: the Pursuit of Cobra AWE Striker and the Retaliation Ninja Combat Cruiser. Both versions of the character have made an impact on me, and I even found something to like about the limited articulation Retaliation figure. For me, he’s the Clutch of the modern era. I’d put him behind the wheel of anything, even the Burger King Vehicle.

I’m not too familiar with Burger King’s kids’ meals, but this one sure seems sparse in terms of the presentation. The box is somewhat striking in its simplicity, but the lack of fun present is startling. The lone activity is a connect the dots Skystriker, which is already outlined. It’s seconds of fun for any kid! Speaking of fun, the toy itself features the starling gimmick of a spring-loaded front end. Push down on the driver (it’s Night Fox, remember?) and the nose of the Vehicle shoots forward. I’m sure that’s a handy and devastating feature in battle, although not too well thought out. Better make that one shot count, or you’re stranded without a way to retreat.

Burger King Vehicle Burger King Vehicle Burger King Vehicle


  • Looks like the 1988 Triggercon Rukus

  • You think this was from a failed “Retaliation” tie-in that got put on ice because of the movie push-back? Then, 2 years later, BK is looking to fill a kid’s meal spot and brings this out of storage? It’s just so random.

  • I think the detachability of the nose is actually a feeble attempt at adding replay value. I haven’t tested it, but from looking at the pictures it seems like the front detaches so that you can mix-and-match with the other vehicles in the line. In case, I don’t know, they need to jury-rig the front of a HISS tank onto the AWE Striker.

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